Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Structure

I was raised in the wild desert by both of my folks, who at the time were still what you could call young and free, or at least looking back, that is what they seemed to me. Ultra-conservative/do-it-yourselfers/later to be entrepreneurs/conspiracy theorists/underlying liberals without philosophy or guidance. In a gist that is how I can describe my parents, without crossing any lines or giving away who they are. My father would completely dis-like the idea that any of his personal information could be available on the world wide web. After all someone may kidnap him.
Our home was situated on a little mesa, overlooking the Rio Grande river and an endless landscape of arroyos and cactus.

What I remember most about New Mexico, would have to be pecan orchards and dry cotton Fields. In fact I recently re-read some of my old journals from grade school, I was nine at the time of a specific entry related to how much dust and dirt annoyed me, followed by dust balls and sad movies.

The bus ride to school was 28 miles past farm houses and trailer parks, Irrigation canals and a memorable sleeping Volcano called Picatcho Peak. 28 miles to Fair Acres Elementary where I encountered some of the most unstable foundation building blocks of my life, as most may identify with.

My childhood was filled memorably with always searching for a best friend, swim team, my extended family, Grandparent's deaths, cats, my mother's pregnant belly bringing siblings, rattlesnakes, swimming in our only neighbor's pool, sand bars on the Rio Grande, my father's homemade air-boat, river turtles, more cats, learning to ride my bike, tarantulas, under-ground bees, driving my dad's pickup truck, dusty winding roads, and 2 unfortunate deaths amongst my fourth grade classmates. I was ten when my family moved to Colorado, during a time of adolescence and later to be recognized, trauma.Onward to the Rocky Mountains, A universe away from all that I had grown to know.

It took at least four years for Colorado to become my home. My family transitioned gradually and my parents were now in entrepreneurship mode, owning a small old fashioned hamburger drive-up, which was well known in our small community.
From the age of 10 years to 20 years our family moved from house to house about 7 times. "Vehicle to Vehicle" is how my father put it, making money on selling and building homes, money for other investments.
In the meantime my brothers and I found many adventures amongst the clutter of adjusting to new and different environments. Special worlds in new bedrooms as the exploration of interpersonal change bloomed and unfolded before our eyes. The nature of age and decay of innocence one day at a time.

Anyway to make the Biblio. short...before I knew it I was marrying my darling at the age of 24.. and we had a family instantly, (5 Months after being married).... and 13 mos. after the first baby...came the second baby. We used the ultra-mix and birth method. Really fast, very fun, more than anything just pure life.

Two years before I was married I had taught myself to knit through the guidance of random instruction on the web... shortly after my first hat on size US 15 needles....I started selling my things at local craft fairs and through small retail stores throughout our valley.
It wasn't until 2008 that I picked-up on Etsy and opened a shop of my own, selling mixed knits, mostly scarves, some hand-sewn items.
Then during the winter of 2008, it all just sort of came together for me when I discovered the beauty in Hand-spun yarns. I collected as many as I could from some of my favorites Rawfish, Inhope, Whirligigs, all the ladies that make over-spun and under-spun creations look glorious to the fingers.

During the winter of 2009 I was referred, by what I see as cosmic force, to Lynn Jenks at Fireside Farms in Fruita. Lynn and I were intertwined through a much higher calling, and it turned out that although I had sought her with the intention of learning to spin yarn, I actually already knew how to do just that very thing..... through a very specific calling,God, I was offered a special experience in the palms of my existence.

So Lynn and I spent a couple of months together, she watched in awe as I learned without much guidance and I listened as she shared her life stories from her experience with 9 children and a wonderful husband.
I learned more in that short time period than any other time in my life.. through her personal stories I found the true beauty and the thriving possiblilities in the application of God to a daily life, if kept in your heart at all times. Lessons from a mentor and true Spinstress of more than just yarn. Lessons I will never forget.

I have been spinning yarn now for 9 Months. I enjoy it every time that I sit on my antique bench atop a hand-sewn pillow, One breath at a time, feeding wool through the mouth of an ancient technique that is gradually but impatiently rising to the surface of the new world. This is what I get to do with my life, and I am Thankful with every breath.

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